P. R. China

State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology (SKLMT) of Shandong University (SDU)

Director of State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology
Head of Group for Red/ET recombineering and natural product drug

Building N1,Qingdao Campus,Shandong University,
27 Binhai Rd, Jimo, Qingdao 266237, P. R. China

0086 532 58631598



Background and expertise of the representative

Youming Zhang is an innovator of Red/ET recombination engineering and direct cloning technology which is a milestone in the field of genetic engineering and it is an essential technique for genetic modification of large-size DNA molecules. He pioneered the Red/ET recombination mediated direct cloning, genetic engineering and heterologous expression of complex natural product biosynthetic pathways. Further, he is a renowned expert in the field of biotechnology for natural products with significant research achievements towards investigation of bioactive natural products using DNA recombineering system. He frequently publishes in well-ranked journals including Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS, Angewandte Chemie, Nucleic Acids Reserach etc., and is keynote speaker at prestigious international conferences. Dr. Zhang is a distinguished Professor and the Dean of the Institute of Microbial Technology, Shandong University, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology, and the winner of the National Recruitment Program of Global Experts (1000 plan) of P.R. China.

He is also a Founder of Gene Bridges GmbH, an innovative company commercializes its patented Red/ET recombination worldwide as licenses and supplies several products for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as academia: https://www.genebridges.com/

Researcher profile (GoogleScholar; h-index: 44; citations: 9463):


Organisation profile

The State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology (SKLMT) is dedicated to innovation and application of microbial technology to address the challenges of human health, energy and environment, with four major research directions (1) Microbial resource and environmental microbial technology, (2) Industrial microbial technology, (3) Medical and and pharmaceutical microbial technology and (4) Marine microbial technology. The key laboratory has gained a series of substantial achievements in discipline developments, contributing to the development of microbial technology in China. The laboratory becomes an important domestic base for basic and applied research as well as personnel training in the area of microbial technology. Currently the SKLMT employs 58 (associate) professors, 45 postdoctoral scientists and ca. 350 postgraduate students. The SKLMT commits annually ca. 90 research projects funded from various sources, including National Key R&D Program, National Natural Science Foundation, and other national and provincial funds.

The direction of Medical and and pharmaceutical microbial technology headed by Dr. Youming Zhang comprises several teams with research interests in bacterial genome editing, microbial natural product discovery and biosynthesis, metabolic engineering of microbial drug, antiviral drug discovery, structural biology for drug discovery, vaccine as well as biotechnology platform.

Contribution to the network

Youming Zhang will participate in the network by providing his expertise in bacterial genome editing, direct cloning and genetic engineering of natural product biosynthetic pathways and heterologous expression platforms. As the inventor and expert of Red/ET recombination, he will secure access to clone and engineer the biosynthetic pathways of complex bioactive molecules available from the network members, to facilitate the yield improvement by heterologous expression in amenable hosts and structural optimization by combinatorial biosynthesis.