Chief Executive Officer

Viale Ortles 22/4, 20139 Milano, Italy

+39 025 666 0139



Background and expertise of the representative

Stefano Donadio has been actively involved in antibiotic research and development over the past 30 years in multinational, medium-size and small pharmaceutical/biotech companies. His main area of expertise relates to antibiotic discovery from microbial sources and the properties of antibiotic-producing bacteria, in particular actinomycetes. He has contributed to the development of production processes for dalbavancin (marketed in 2014) and ramoplanin (in phase 3 clinical studies); to establishing the mechanism of action of several leads; and to the discovery and characterization of several novel microbial products. He has also developed tools and key concepts for secondary metabolism.

He has been involved in several European projects, as coordinating organization (one project under FP5 and one under FP7), as well as beneficiary. Currently, NAICONS and related companies are involved in five H2020 projects.

He was among the founders and Directors of Biosearch Italia, a spinoff company of the Lepetit Research Center, and among the founders of the initiative that led to the current company NAICONS, where he acts as Chief Executive Officer since 2013.

Organisation profile

NAICONS Srl effectively represents a reincarnation of the Lepetit Research Center located in Northern Italy, one of the pioneering institutions in discovering new antibiotics, the marketed drugs rifampicin, teicoplanin and dalbavancin. The site became an independent company in 1997, under the name of Biosearch Italia, which was eventually acquired by Pfizer. In 2007, NAICONS was able to secure the assets (strain collection, pathogens collection, IP, etc.) and to start as in independent company in Milan, Italy. NAICONS is dedicated to the discovery, characterization and early development of new bioactive compounds, in particular antibiotics. It represents an integrated discovery engine that can design and implement screens, identify and characterize new compounds, and produce gram quantities using industrially scalable processes. NAICONS occupies about 300 m2 of well-equipped laboratory space and the current team consists of about 15 scientists in chemistry and microbiology with relevant experience. Its pipeline includes antibiotics at early clinical/late preclinical stages, as well as earlier leads, all deriving from its technology platform. NAICONS' business model is to eventually license out its product to third parties for commercial development. The most advanced compound has been licensed out to Cassiopea SpA.

Contribution to the network

Stefano Donadio will be happy to contribute with his expertise in the identification and characterization of new molecules with antibacterial activity and in setting up effective screening programs. Furthermore, the NAICONS strain collection, comprising about 45,000 actinomycetes, can represent an important asset of the joint network.