Fundación MEDINA

Scientific Director, and Head of Department Microbiology

Avda Conocimiento 34, Health Sciences Technology Park, 18016 Granada, Spain

+34 958 993 965



Background and expertise of the representative

Olga Genilloud, Scientific Director and Area Head Microbiology, has more than 25 years of extended research experience in microbial natural products discovery, both in the academic (Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Spain during 1983-88 & Harvard Medical School, Boston in 1987) and in the pharma sector (19 years at MSD Research Labs during 1989-2008, leading the discovery of new bacterial natural products). In 2009, she led the establishment of Fundación MEDINA where she manages as Scientific Director the Internal Research and Collaboration Programs and leads the Microbiology Department. She has a PhD in Chemistry (1989) (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics) from Complutense University, Madrid, Spain, more than 120 publications (h-index 35) and 18 patents. Her extended background covers industrial microbiology with research expertise in molecular microbiology, bacterial physiology and production of secondary metabolites. She has contributed to the discovery of key novel classes of actinomycetes-derived antibiotics such as Platensimycin and Kibdelomycin, analogs of known structural classes (novel thiazolyl peptides, ramoplanins, lasso peptides, glycolantipeptides), and the development of novel culture-based tools to untap and characterize new natural products. Olga Genilloud is currently PI in different key antibiotic discovery and development programs, including the new NovoNordisk Foundation Challenge GrantIIMENA coordinated by DTU-Biosustain, Denmark. As partner of theIMI-ND4BB ENABLE program, she has led a hit to lead program to develop the broad-spectrum Gram-negative antibiotic MDN-0057, and collaborates as expert in the GARDP-REVIVE initiative (https://revive.gardp.org/about-revive/).

Organisation profile

Fundación MEDINA is a non-profit research organization established as a public-private partnership between Merck Sharp & Dohme de España, the Andalousian Government and the University of Granada, focused on the discovery of novel bioactive microbial natural products. MEDINA leverages the inherited experience from MSD, with proven track record of discovery of novel antimicrobial molecules with novel MOAs and is focused on the discovery novel antibiotics to respond to the emerging multidrug resistance. The research group consists on a multidisciplinary team of scientists skilled in Industrial Microbiology, natural products chemistry and cutting-edge HTS screening technologies and robotics (www.medinadiscovery.com). MEDINA’s antimicrobial discovery activities are focused on the screening of its unique microbial collection (190,000 strains) and natural products libraries (200,000 extracts), using target based and phenotypic assays, taking advantage of its HTS drug discovery platforms, as one of the high capacity screening centers of the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC (www.eu-openscreen.eu). In addition, MEDINA has unique strengths in high-throughput analytics and metabolomics, ADME-Tox and bioanalysis, capacities enabling the center to perform full discovery and early development programs in antibiotic discovery. MEDINA’s collaborative network includes academic and industrial partners worldwide. As public-private partnership, MEDINA is actively collaborating with different research groups to identify and characterize new antibiotic leads derived from its natural products libraries and explore the genome pool of its unique library to unlock the biosynthesis of novel classes of antibiotics. Furthermore, MEDINA is also involved in some of the most recent AMR international research initiatives, is permanent member of the ND4BB-ENABLE safety platform, is member of the Governing Board of the Spanish Association for Antibiotic Discovery (AD-ES) and an associated member of the BEAM Alliance.

Contribution to the network

Olga Genilloud will contribute providing her expertise and assessment on microbial natural products discovery and early preclinical development of new compounds acquired from her past research activities in the pharma environment and more recently leading MEDINA’s collaborations with academic and industrial partners in the discovery and development programs of new antibiotics against MDR pathogens. As scientific and managing director of one of the largest natural products libraries available for drug discovery and one of the EU-OPENSCREEN high capacity screening centers involved in high throughput antibiotic discovery, she will also contribute to the establishment of a cooperative network aiming at identifying new approaches in antibiotic discovery.